MIAMI VICE | 2018 | Launch Event + Live Painting @ Saks 5th Avenue Brickell City Centre | OPENING May 12th, 2018


Art + fashion : Two of my biggest life passions combined gave birth to this amazing collaboration with Kilian "Perfume as an art"  -Jormi


Renowned Parisian Fragrance Brand Kilian hosted an event at the Men’s Lounge on the third level of Saks Brickell City Centre in Miami, Florida to officially launch their new “Miami Vice” Collection, featuring two new fragrances “Love the way you feel” and “Love the way you taste”.
Following their own motto “Perfume as an art”, the brand joined forces with NY-based artist Jormi and invited her to reinterpret this launch through her art. Her signature handwriting and style is now easily recognized at first sight and the collaboration resulted into 11 pieces which took as inspiration the top and side views of the Kilian bottle which resembles an eye.




Jormi’s objective with this capsule collection was to use words from the fragrances and her “calligraffiti technique” to develop pieces of art that were visually stimulating, loyal the Kilian aesthetic as well as to the vibrant soul of Miami. Jormi stated, “Every piece is a part of me as a human, as an artist and as a woman”. My intention is to invite the viewer to pursue the most elevated version of themselves & visualize what they can already smell with each perfume”.


obras kilian 6.jpg

what's your vice?, 2018

Acrylic on canvas
Ø 32 in


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